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Non-pronominal form:
ir a = go to

Pronominal form:
irse a = leave for

The verb is always followed by the preposition 'a'. In the non-pronominal form (ir), the preposition is translated as 'to'. In the pronominal form (irse), the preposition is translated as 'for'.

Non-pronominal examples:
Voy al trabajo. = I go to work. | I'm going to work.
(T) vas al colegio. = You go to school. | You're going to school.
Mi padre va a la oficina. = My father goes to the office. | My father is going to the office.
Ustedes van a la oficina. = You go to the office. | You are going to the office.

Pronominal examples:
Me voy al trabajo. = I'm leaving for work. | I leave for work.
(T) te vas al colegio. = You're leaving for school. | I leave for school.
Mi padre se va a la oficina. = My father is leaving for the office. | My father leaves for the office.
Ustedes se van a la oficina. = You are leaving for the office. | You leave for the office.
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