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Originally Posted by kokopellime View Post
As I seek out learning resources, I've come across quite a bit on the Internet and it sometimes is overwhelming. I wonder if any of you have any experience or thoughts on the following: and their 'Camino del Exito' course and their overall site and their Visual Link course and their product by the same name

These are but four, that I've narrowed down among several others, for possible purchase. Like most of us, I hope to avoid shelling out dollar after dollar on different programs. Just one 'preemptive" comment: I realize that I can learn without a formal course and many of the members of this community have attested to that approach. I'm all for that and incorporating a lot of those practices. My work as a community organizer (meetings and events day and night) inhibits my taking a formal class so self-study is the way. I'm seeking out a course to give me structure in the midst of all the things that frequently call for my attention.

If you know of any courses (online or CD/mp3) that employs Krashen's (I have a related post on his stuff in the Forum) Natural Approach to Spanish, that would be great. From the little I know, it occurs to me as an approach that appeals to my learning style. I’ve come across a lot of the theoretical stuff about his work but not a program or course using it.

Dude, honestly, you don't need to spend much money. Go to your local bookstore and pick up a english/spanish dictionary(cheap), a book that conjugates spanish verbs(cheap), an idiot's guide to beginner's spanish(cheap), and since you live in D.C., get a Spanish newspaper(cheap), and for under $25 you won't need anything else. CNN en enspañol and BBC mundo will provide plenty of translation matierial. Spanish ain't that hard once you learn the pronuncations

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