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I think it is incorrect to use the word "dialect" for Philippine languages. Tagalog, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Ilocano, Bicol, Tausug, Pampango, etc aren't dialects but "languages. If we will use the word "dialect" for a certain tongue, it must be preceded or followed by the language where that dialect falls into.

For example:

Tagalog is one of the languages spoken in the Philippines. The people of Batangas are known for a dialect of Tagalog called "Batangenyo" or Batangas Tagalog. The other dialects of Tagalog are Novo Ecijano, Tagalog Tayabas, Tagalog Paete etc...

Rinconada is a language spoken in the Rinconada area of Camarines Sur in the Bicol Region, Philippines. It is classified under the Southern/Inland Bicol Language Family which also include the Albay Bicol Languages. Rinconada has two known dialects. The other dialect preserves the schwa which lacks in the other.
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