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¿Tienes a tu hija en el pesebre, donde comen los animales?

Sometimes "a" is required:

Tengo dos tíos, but - I have two oncles.
Sólo tengo a mi tío (I don't have another relative). - I just have my oncle.

With a CCL (complemento circunstancial de lugar - en) you'll use "a", as in Bob's examples:

Tengo a mi hija en el pesebre (espero que no se la coma una vaca). - My daughter is in the manger.
Tengo a mi madre en la clínica. - My mother is in the hospital.

Other ones:

Tengo un profesor de inglés.
I have an English teacher.

Tengo a un vecino como profesor de inglés. (tengo a alguien como)
I have an neighbor whose an English teacher.
I have a neighbour who is my English teacher


Tengo a alguien que me da clases de inglés .
I have someone that gives me English lessons.

Tengo a Lou Ann como una buena profesora.
I have Lou Ann as a good teacher.
Tengo a Bob por un estudiante divertido.
I have bob as a fun student.

Tengo a X como/por are my opinions about them.
Originally Posted by laepelba View Post
So he's talking about baby Jesus?

I think Bob wanted to translate "crib", with the meaning of "pesebre de Navidad", and he wrote "pesebre" instead of "cuna". But she's talking about "mi hija" (my daughter), so she can't be baby Jesus.

Can someone verify that Bob's English translations of Irma's sentences are on the right track?
I've tried to translate them, but surely there are mistakes.

Thanks Bob.
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