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Originally Posted by poli View Post
[QUOTE=bobjenkins;42993]Aquí hago un hilo para hablar de/decir las bromas las cuales os mismos gustan. POngo las cosas en marcha

Si cavo un agujero el que es tres metros por dos metros por tres y medio metros ¿cuánto tierra es dentro de él?
If I dig a hole which is 3 meters by 2 meters by three and a half meters how much dirt is in it?

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I don't think agujero is the best word for a hole in the ground.
I would use hueco, zanja, foso, hoyo.
Others may correct me, but I'm almost sure that an agujero
is a pin hole.[/QUOTE]

Yes, you're right, but I understand him completely when he says "cavo un agujero".
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