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I agree about the extra syllables. Spanish sounds so fast because to say the same 10 words, they have lots of extra syllables over English. I say we do a little experiment.

Here is the English from parts of this site. I threw in a CNN headline as well. Can someone directly translate them into Spanish?

1. Tomísimo is a community where you can get help with Spanish and connect with other Spanish learners and Spanish speakers.

2. TomísimoTM is an English-Spanish, Spanish-English Dictionary that makes finding words easy by automatically searching in both languages. Tomísimo is an accurate description of this project, which aims to provide an unabridged, bilingual dictionary for the English and Spanish languages. I sincerely hope that this dictionary can be a unique and useful online resource for learners of both Spanish and English.

3. The Arctic cold front complicated cleanup efforts and spurred freeze warnings that spanned much of the nation's midsection.
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