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Originally Posted by James View Post

I'm looking for a language school in Spain where i can attend for one month in March of 2013, to do an intensive, immersion course.
Does anyone have any experience - positive or negative - of residential language schools in Spain ? I'm in the UK and can study in any part of Spain, I just want to find a really good school.

Any info would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

Hola James. I went to a Spanish school in Mexico to learn Spanish and to a school in Italy to learn Italian. My nephew went to school in Spain and Brazil. What is important when you go to school in Spain is to be around Spanish speakers and not around English speakers. Many students complain that when they go to these schools they don't actually meet Spanish speakers when out of the classroom. What I did to meet native speakers of both Spanish and Italian was to go to places where they hang around. Best places I found were gyms, libraries, book stores, churches, martial art schools, sport clubs, stores in general and so on and so forth. If you go to Spain to learn Spanish and then hang around English speakers you won't learn much Spanish. On the other hand if you hang around Spanish speakers you might just learn more Spanish than in the classroom. I did.
Oh, also find out about living with a Spanish speaking family while you're going to school. That is actually the best way. I did that in Mexico.

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