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An example where both indicative and subjunctive are valid, but conveying different nuances

From Britain's Got Talent, season 11, episode 2, Daliso Chaponda's audition:

Amanda Holden: -"Were your parents disappointed that one of you is a comedian and one of you is a doctor?"

Daliso Chaponda: -"They're absolutely horrified because I was studying computer programming so, I had a future! and I just decided, no!!! let me be a clown!!!"

A.H.: - "¿No se decepcionaron tus padres de que uno de ustedes terminara siendo comediante y el otro, doctor?"

D.C.: -"Estaban completamente horrorizados porque yo estaba estudiando programación así que ¡tenía futuro! y simplemente decidí ¡¡¡no, déjenme que sea un payaso!!!"

"que sea un payaso" instead of "ser un payaso" implies asking for their blessing, though no real consequence would have come of them withholding it.

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