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From several meanings of otherwise as an adverb, one can be translated as "por lo demás".

otherwise (in different circumstances): si no, de lo contrario

"hurry up, otherwise we'll be late" = "apresúrate, de lo contrario llegaremos tarde"

"I didn't realized it was an accident, otherwise I would've helped" = "no me di cuenta de que era un accidente, de lo contrario hubiera prestado ayuda".

otherwise (apart from that, in other respects): por lo demás

"She is still shaking because of the accident, but otherwise she's fine" = "Todavía está temblorosa por el accidente, pero por lo demás está bien de salud"

otherwise (differently, in another way): de otra manera

it cannot be otherwise = no puede ser de otra manera

There is a lot more, and otherwise can be used also as a conjunction and an adjective