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¿Cómo has aprendido tú Valeria el español?
Todavia estudio el espanol. Yo no lo entiendo muy bien. (I still study Spanish. I don't know it very well).

I never had immersion in Spanish. But I have experience in becoming fluent from null... it happened to me in two languages actually, English and Russian. English though I studied from the age of 6 and in school, and Russian from the age of 12 with my grandmother teaching me (forcing me to accept my half Russian side). I immersed myself in reading and writing resources, and TV, and despite the fact I've never been to an English-speaking or a Russian-speaking country, I can speak both those languages fluently! (I should mention some people in my family speak Russian and I grew up with Russian-speaking classmates so that was an unfair advantage I had).
That's what I'm doing now with Spanish, creating my own immersion with spanish tenenovelas, spanish computer games, and what not :-) Heck if I could trade my Russian boyfriend to a Spanish one I would, just for the extra immersion! (lol)

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