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Sobre la letra de "Pistoleros famosos"

¡Hola! I'm reading through the lyrics of the song Pistoleros famosos and have a few questions about translation and grammar. (hence why I chose this subforum over a more specific one)

Le tiraron a Ezequiel
1. Is this standard or an example of leísmo?

Si se mueren en la raya
No les importa la vida
2. What's the idea conveyed here? I would say la raya is "the line". The image I'm getting is that the pistoleros are in a line before a firing squad, but I could be misinterpreting it severely.

Murieron por que eran hombres
No porque fueran bandidos
3. Regarding the indicative and subjunctive moods, it seems the former line states a fact while the latter concerns a non-fact: "They died because they were (truly) men / not because they were (purported to be) bandits."

Is this the particular reason for the conjugation choice? [thanks in advance]
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