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Originally Posted by CrOtALiTo View Post
But Why do you are frustrated with the word Verde?, What has the word Verde?
Crotalito: the "r" next to the "d" is giving me difficulty in "verde".... I can't get my tongue from the "r" sound to the "d" sound.....

Originally Posted by Planet hopper View Post
For practicing verde there is a fomous poem by Lorca:

Verde que te quiero verde
verde viento verde grana

Remember that the d in verde is pure dental, do not rub your tongue when you produce the sound, it's just a touch.
THANKS for that poem - I'll learn it when I also learn the tongue twister posted earlier. By the way - will you translate it for me? I'm not quite sure what it means....
- Lou Ann, de Washington, DC, USA
Específicamente quiero recibir ayuda con el español de latinoamerica. ¡Muchísimas gracias!

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