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Originally Posted by baraklevy View Post
When you say "Mother tongue", I suppose you mean mother language?
Well then, my mother language (native language/native tongue) is Hebrew, since I was born in Israel. :P
The Hebrew R is quite like the French R, but it's a little softer. (The French R is not the same as the Spanish R. This is one of the reasons you're having difficulty. The Spanish R is nothing like the English R, either.)
I had looked into the "Erre", and saw that I made a mistake. What I meant was that I know how to pronounce the "Erre" sound, but not the "ere" sound. (You made no mistake. I understood that you already know how to pronounce the trilled R.)
So, when the R is before a consonant or at the end of a word, is it like a 1-trilled-Erre? (Yes, it is trilled, but usually not as long as the rr.)
I still need to find out about the "clipped" Erre, because I don't think I've heard it yet.

Thank you very much for your help.
This podcast will help you pronounce the clipped r.
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