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Thanks, literacola! This really helps. A couple of quick questions about what you wrote here. First of all, you said that reflexive is only something done to oneself. So the example of "Te despierto" or "Te despierto a ti" for "I wake you up" is not considered reflexive, but still uses the pronouns similarly, right?

And about the word that you mentioned, "despedirse" ... really it's considered reflexive? You say goodbye to something ... and you're doing it to yourself? That's interesting. Could you please give me a couple of sentences that use the term despedirse (de) so that I can consider its use? Thank you again!! ¡¡Gracias otra vez!!
- Lou Ann, de Washington, DC, USA
Específicamente quiero recibir ayuda con el español de latinoamerica. ¡Muchísimas gracias!
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