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Originally Posted by FrannyCakes View Post
Hola ,

I was watching the movie Mar Adentro, and as I labored through the Spanish subtitles, I came across this: "Se te transparenta de falda". I really don't follow the grammar behind this line and I was wondering if anyone could explain it to me.

Specifically "Se" and "te" really threw me off. I know it means something like: your skirt ("falda") is transparent ("transparenta"). But that's as much as I can figure out.

What's the literal translation of this line? And why did they use the pronouns "se" and "te"?

Muchas gracias.
Hola y bienvenido al foro!
Se te transparenta - It is transparentto you

Mar adentro es una buenísima película
Espero que te lo ayude y me encanta tu nombre
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