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Originally Posted by FrannyCakes View Post
Hola ,

I was watching the movie Mar Adentro, and as I labored through the Spanish subtitles, I came across this: "Se te transparenta de falda". I really don't follow the grammar behind this line and I was wondering if anyone could explain it to me.

Specifically "Se" and "te" really threw me off. I know it means something like: your skirt ("falda") is transparent ("transparenta"). But that's as much as I can figure out.

What's the literal translation of this line? And why did they use the pronouns "se" and "te"?

Muchas gracias.
The grammar is similar to something like "se te olvidaron las llaves". "Se olvidaron las llaves" is the same form as a reflexive verb and it is used as a passive tense-- "the keys were forgotten" or litterally in Spanish "las llaves fueron olvidadas", but "se olvidaron las llaves" sounds better. Now, when you add the "te" in there, it means that you (or the person that "te" is referring to) was the beneficiary or the affected person in the deal. So "se te olvidaron las llaves" means that the keys were forgotten and you were the victim. In English we would say "You forgot your keys".

Now, with "se te transparenta la falda". "Se transparenta la falda" means the skirt is transparent/see-though-- "you can see through the skirt. When you add "te" you're saying who was affected by this. So, "se te transparenta la falda" means "You can see through your skirt".
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