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Originally Posted by irmamar View Post
Is it correct if I use the word "supper" in British English instead of "dinner". Is this a word commonly used or "dinner" would be more suitable?

Oh Dear. English society.

Supper is less formal than dinner, but always in the evening.

Upper classes have
lunch (midday);
Tea (16.00-17.00) Cup of tea with a cake or sandwich,
Dinner, (formal evening meal) or Supper (less formal)

Working Classes have
dinner (midday),
Tea (evening meal, usually large)

No supper

Today, the distinction between the classes is not so clear. I have friends who say they are eating their tea at 19.00, others who are eating their dinner at the same time. Not many people would use Dinner for the midday meal.

I myself never eat tea, I just drink it.

To answer your question, supper is OK for some, but not understood by others. Dinner would always be understood as the evening meal.
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