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A part of the new mistakes are my fault: I didn't explain well what I meant in each marked sentence with "this is not subjunctive".

I suggest that you work in actually recognizing when conjugation is subjunctive and when it is another tense.
And I'll make some more specific comments on the sentences that cannot be expressed with a subjunctive.

¡Eso no es bueno! -> Right sentence, but "es" is simple present and you cannot change it to subjunctive, because this expression does not allow it.
¡Es lamentable que no le dijo a su familia! -> "Dijo" is simple past, so you have to change it for perfect preterite to fit in (HINT: with "haya").

¡Esperemos que Carlos puede explicar lo que pasó! -> You could still use this sentence, but "puede" is simple present, so it has to be replaced by subjunctive.
¡No es cierto que engañó a su familia! -> "engañó" is simple past, so it has to be changed for perfect preterite to fit the sentence (HINT: one more with "haya")

¡Qué bueno que debería ser! -> Wrong sentence. "Deber" doesn't match "¡qué bueno!", because exclamation rejoices and "deber" commands. You could have said "¡qué bueno sería!". But, when built like this, the sentence does not allow a subjunctive, which is your exercise here, so you could say "¡Qué bueno que sea así!".
¡Es fácil que ella sea contento! -> Subjunctive would be right, but "ser" doesn't match "contento". The right verb is "estar". And when "contento" ends with an "o", it's a masculin so here there has to be a correspondence with "ella", which is a feminin. "Sea contento" must be replaced by subjunctive of "estar" and the gender correspondence in "contento".

¡Eso espero! -> "Espero" is present tense. This sentence was right, but does not accept a subjunctive.
¡Esperemos que se recupere! (Fantastic!)

I hope I didn't make it more confusing.
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