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Originally Posted by NiCACHiCA View Post
In one of my spanish books I am studying out of, it gives expressions used with "tener" and one of them is "tener pena" for "I am sad or embarrassed". From my experience, I have always heard "dar pena" for this expression. And the expression I've heard seems to be more associated with shame or embarrassment than sadness. Are they both correct?

Also, maybe someone could give me a few examples of both? Thanks so much!!
Originally Posted by poli View Post
In Latin American Spanish: Me da pena means it embarrasses me.
Tengo pena means I'm embarrassed
You can always say: Me da vergüenza Tengo vergúenza
Not all LA expresses themselves like that.

Pena/tristeza= sadness


In Chile, tengo/me da vergüenza/pena/tristeza.
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