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Pudo, podía, podría . . .

I'd greatly appreciate it if someone who really knows the language well would please translate the sentences I've given using as many of the following options as can acceptably be applied: pudo haber sido, pudo haber estado, podría haber sido, podría haber estado, podía haber sido, podía haber estado:

- She might have been upset if we had been late.
- She might have been upset, but we were on time.
- She could have been there if she had planned her day better.
- She could have been there, but she planned her day badly.
- The accident could have been worse if the road had not been empty.
- The accident could have been worse, but the road was empty.
- The world could be better if there wasn't so much violence.
- The world could be better, but there's too much violence.

Agradezco cualquier tipo de corrección.

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