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These statistics are easily obtained by looking at a couple of different pages.

The total number of members is displayed at the bottom of the 'Forums' homepage. The number of active members is also listed.

For the other statistics, go to the 'Members' list. This can be found by selecting 'Community' in the Navigation bar and selecting 'Members List'.
The list can be sorted by 'User Name' (the default when the list is first displayed), 'Join Date', 'Posts', 'Last Visit' and 'Reputation'.

While looking at the list of all members (the default when first displayed) ...

... select 'Posts' to see who has the most posts.

... click on 'Join Date' to see who joined first.

If you're interested in the statistics for only a particular member, you can click on the letter of the alphabet found above the column headers just mentioned to see only the members whose user name starts with that letter, and then you can scan through the list for the particular name that interests you.
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