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Direct or Indirect Object Pronoun here?

I've been keeping my eye out for examples where the subjunctive can be replaced with the inifinitive (eg with mandar, dejar, hacer etc) and in such cases the indirect object pronoun seems common but I've also seen examples using the dops. Is there a grammar rule here or is it optional?


Does it have to be

Pablo y yo, les hicimos nadar.

Paul and I made them swim.

or should it be 'los'

Can it only be 'le' here and not 'la'?

El hombre le dejó salir.

The man let her go.

Le hice sentirse mal. or Lo hice sentirse mal.

I made him feel bad.

I'm leaning towards the indirect object pronouns myself as you're not making 'him' but making him 'feel bad' but I know I've seen the direct object pronoun too.

And what about when the infinitive isn't used but the subjunctive is, does that change things when it comes to and iop or a dop?

Sus padres no la/le dejan que salga sola.

Her parents don't let her go out alone.

Thanks in advance for your help
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