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Originally Posted by Elaina View Post
OR = Operating Room (I don't think we call it a theatre here)
OB = Obstetrician ONLY (Gynecologist is a GYN)... which are two different specialties. There are doctors that are both so you would see OB/GYN behind their name
CBC = complete blood count
MIT = Massachusetts Institute of Technology

SB? I don't think I know what that stands for.

I guess the popularity of initials began also with the use of text messaging. Is text messaging not very popular in Europe?
I know OB and GYN are different (tocólogo y ginecólogo), but I'm too lazy to make the distinction unless necessary and as you pointed out many of them are both.
Texting is really popular over here too. My daughter uses lots of initials, and so do British youngsters. Many of my friends (elderly citizens that we are), do the same too, even in mails, but I don't really know why, I'd rather use whole words.
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