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Originally Posted by AngelicaDeAlquezar View Post

Me entristece = me da tristeza = me pone triste
Me alegra = me da alegría = me pone alegre
Me enoja = me pone enojado (we don't say "me da enojo", but to express the same emotion we say "me da rabia")
Me avergüenza = me da vergüenza (but not "me pone avergonzado")

There are other emotions that won't accept another construction, but their dedicated verb:
Me sorprende (we don't say "me da sorpresa" or "me pone sorprendido")
Me complace
Me entusiasma
Me relaja
Me preocupa

Ah I see what you're getting at with the formality/colloquial aspect of it. I had never heard of me complace or me entusiasma too - I think i'll start using them. Thanks for the thorough response!!
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