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I'll try but it's very difficult legal jargon. At least it will give you an idea and give someone else the chance to correct me!

Any combination of features = cualquiera combinación de asuntos

Indivdual features = asuntos individuales

Makes no representation = no hace representación ninguna

Receveiving party shall not analyze = Recipiente no hace ningun análisis

Have them analyzed = Permitir algun análisis

It must be remembered that this is legal jargon, written by lawyers and only meant to be understood by lawyers. They say it's wholly unambiguous English, but it isn't - it's just the way the legal profession keeps itself in highly lucrative employment!

Não escrevo bem o portugués! Mas em este assunto é mais ou menos igual!
Me ayudaríais si me hicierais el favor de corregir mis errores.

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