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Originally Posted by jan View Post
Several members have taken a look, but nobody wanted to help me...
I'll be looking for your comments.

I'm working on a English - Portuguese translation.Could you please help me to find a good translation for those below hilighted words? If nobody knows Portuguese, I believe that a spanish translation would be helpful.
Thank you!

Rmk: I learn English.Sorry for any mistakes.

"Information disclosed to receiving party that is specific shall not be deemed to be within any of the exceptions of Paragraph 4 merely because it is embraced by more general information that is in receiving party’s possession or generally available to the public. Any combination of features disclosed to receiving party shall not be deemed to be within the exceptions merely because individual features thereof are separately in receiving party’s possession or generally available to the public".

a) receiving party acknowledges that the samples are of a developmental nature and that the disclosing party makes no representation, express or implied, that the samples will be supplied on a commercial basis;

b)receiving party shall not analyze the samples for chemical composition, or cause to have them analyzed for chemical composition
Shall the receiving party not anlyse the samples by itself nor have them analyzed by others? is it the point?
Originally Posted by Sancho Panther View Post
I'll try but it's very difficult legal jargon. At least it will give you an idea and give someone else the chance to correct me!

Any combination of features = cualquiera combinación de asuntos/caraterísticas

Indivdual features = asuntos/caraterísticas individuales

Makes no representation = no hace representación ninguna/no representa

Receveiving party shall not analyze = Los Recipientes no deberan analizar

Have them analyzed = hacerlos analizar

It must be remembered that this is legal jargon, written by lawyers and only meant to be understood by lawyers. They say it's wholly unambiguous English, but it isn't - it's just the way the legal profession keeps itself in highly lucrative employment!
Nah! I would say it is the legal way for them to do what otherwise would be illegal for the rest of the population.
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