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Smile Creating a Self-Study group (how too)

I work for a major, non-profit environmental organization and several of my colleagues are interested in forming some type of study group to support the learning of Spanish. In doing so we would be meeting our personal goals to learn about other cultures through language while increasing our program's outreach to diverse populations. This would be in alignment with our organization's goals but we wanted to start something before we seek possible formal support.

My question:

Our small group has varying levels of language competence, mostly novice to advanced beginner with a sprinkling of more intermediate speakers. At this point only a few of us have broached the subject, but we thought that we could form a study group of sorts to self-instruct in learning grammar, vocabulary and conversation. We might bring in an instructor but do not have the funds at the moment, so we are looking at how we can pool our skill levels (even though a beginner in Spanish, I do have an education and training background) and learn from one another

Does anyone have any ideas on creating such a group?
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