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The verb to use for going somewhere is 'ir'.
It looks like you tried to use 'irse', but had the wrong conjugation for a first-person subject. This is the wrong verb to use in this context. If you were talking about leaving for school, you could then use 'irse'.

The first-person past tense (preterit) conjugation of 'ir' is 'fui'.
The verb 'ir' is always followed by the preposition 'a'.

The phrase 'by bus', in this case, is 'en autobús'.

Your sentence doesn't sound like you used both forms of transportation at the same time, but perhaps you first rode the bus and then the train.
At any rate, unless you're describing something you habitually did in the past, what I've communicated above is correct. If, on the other hand, you are describing something habitual, you need to use the other past tense - the imperfect. The first-person past imperfect conjugation of 'ir' is 'iba'.
So, choose what kind of past action you need to get your meaning across and write out the new sentence. We'll let you know if you got it right.
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