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You're right about "tinterillo", although the word might be a little anachronic. I only hear people over 40 years old using it.

We have "picapleitos". That's a bad lawyer, ill-prepared, someone pretending to be more capable or powerful than they actually are, and they don't actually care for their client, but the money they can get from them.
- Ten cuidado con ese tipo. No es más que un picapleitos.
Be careful with that guy. He's not a real lawyer.
- A Juan lo metieron a la cárcel por contratar a un picapleitos barato.
Juan got into jail because he hired a cheap incapable lawyer.
- Tengo que firmar estos papeles porque el picapleitos me metió en un lío con la aseguradora.
I have to sign these papers because the stupid lawyer got me in trouble with the insurance company.
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