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David answered right:

Originally Posted by Tomisimo View Post
¿Qué hay para comer?
¿Cuál de los dos te gusta más?
¿Qué tienes ahí? (Could also be cuál if you're asking which of several)
¿Qué película vamos a ver?
Ponen Superman, Locademia de policía... ¿Cuál vamos a ver?
¿Qué más?
¿Qué tienes? (could also be cuál depending on context)
¿Qué piensas?
¿Qué sugieres? (could also be cuál depending on context)
¿Que quieres? (could also be cuál depending on context)

And I would say that, where David says depending on context, he means you are asking which of several. This is the point when you doubt which one (qué or cuál) you must use. Two rules can be derived from David's responses (I'm sorry I'm not giving a truly and complete inductive explanation. I'm jumping over this phase. But I think you all can do it analysing the answers and looking for the rules implied in them):
  1. Never use cuál with a noun after it, as cuál is always a pronoun.
  2. Use cuál when you are asking which one of several.
To me, the other cases are also included in the rules above.
I welcome all corrections to my English.
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