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Okay - I am going to add another question to what I wrote in the previous post. Yesterday I was studying "qué" and "cuál". I thought I understood them before, but now I feel like I am more confused. I should have left it alone.

Anyway, last evening, a friend sent me an email in which she said the following: "Me corte el dedo con el cuchillo - cortando un limon...."

And my response was: "¿Cuál dedo?"

Yet, I went back and corrected myself. To me, "cuál" sounds better here, but David said (much earlier in this thread) that "qué" always precedes a noun. Or am I wrong here? "5. Note that cuál is never used with a noun right after it."

But my Mexican friend said the following: "En este caso puedes usar los 2: que dedo o cual dedo.... Aunque cual dedo suena mejor, pues quieres saber cual de todos no?" I would also say that I feel like "cuál" suena mejor......

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