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Originally Posted by anitagringita View Post
Me olvidé... is wrong because of the need to to use me olvidé + de, in the case of this specific verb. So I would say me olvidé de.... or just olvidé...
Since olvidarse and olvidarse+de are not interchangeable, what are the rules about using one or the other?
It's pretty much like English.

I forgot my book - Olvidé mi libro (Se me olvidó mi libro)
I forgot to bring the camera - Olvidé traer la cámara (Se me olvidó traer la cámara)
I forgot to turn off the stove - Olvidé apagar la estufa (Se me olvidó apagar la estufa)

I don't want to forget about him - No quiero olvidarme de él
Don't forget about the homework - No te olvides de la tarea.
Don't forget about me - No te olvides de mí.

olvidarse de algo/alguien = to forget about something/someone
olvidar algo = to forget something
olvidársele algo a alguien = to forget something (for something to be forgotten)

Originally Posted by anitagringita View Post
In the case of reflexive verbs in general, do I use me torcí, me lavé, me rompí, etc.?
Yep, you´ve got it
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