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Originally Posted by AngelicaDeAlquezar View Post
@Empanada: "cofre" or "baúl" can be big wooden boxes... not only treasure containers.

Otro cofre:

El mecánico me pidió que abriera el cofre del auto para ver el motor.
The mechanic asked me to open the hood of the car to see the motor.
Haha qué lastima... ya habia empezado imaginarme grandes historias de pirátes con cofres de oro...

Interesting, in Dutch we use 'kofferbak' (i.e. 'caja de maletas') para decir 'maletero'... (i.e. the 'trunk' of the car.. I always find 'trunk' such a strange word to refer to trees, cars as well as swimming gear ...)
So in fact 'el cofre' refers to the other side of the car..

Originally Posted by ookami View Post
Daily no, baúl is a lot more common for that. You will find it in fairy tales more than nothing.(is this okay?)

5. m. Méx. Parte del automóvil que contiene el motor.
I didn't knew that, we say "capot, "capó", "capota".
As in 'hood', 'bonnet' , 'cap' (In Dutch this would be very similar : 'motorkap' entonces ' capó del motor' )

And in Spain which word is used most often?
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