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Getting Italian citizenship doesn't imply leaving to Italy, not even moving out here. It's just that a doppia citadinanza may be a very useful thing. I can't apply for a French or a British one because generations have passed and -even if legally possible- part of the 19th-century documentation was destroyed when a Presbyterian church in 'Pampa's Podunk' inexplicably burnt down to the ground around 1940, about the times my family most needed it to prove the link with a great great grand uncle of mine who moved to the States and died alone, having an oil company taken his farm in Oklahoma and extracted oil during years.

[A mí tampoco me gustaría que me dijeran que parezco yank cuando me pongo mi quepi sureño -mucho más cómodo que los gorros pochito o golfista que se usan acá- después de haber comido grits o tarta de batata]
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