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Originally Posted by gsc View Post
Well to me, saying 'I was lucky enough' and 'I was fortunate enough' are very similar. Or am I missing something?

My dictionary gives 2 meanings for 'dicha':

(felicidad) happiness

(suerte) good luck, good fortune

Or did you mean the Spanish sentence was ok, just his translation with 'joy' that wasn't right?
I agree with your dictionary. My 'no' was a direct response (2 years ago ) to his translation here:

Originally Posted by chileno View Post
Fui suficientemente afortunado de viajar a Egipto y ver las pirámides.

I had the joy of traveling to Egypt and getting to know the pyramids.

I suppose that you could translate dicha as joy, but as so often happens in English, just because something is grammatically correct it does not mean it is actually used. In the above context, nobody would say joy, surely.

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