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!hola! amigos nuevos

I have been trying to learn Spanish for a long time now, but I am having trouble with it.
So I took one of those continuing education night class at a local community college. It was one day a week for 4 or 5 months. I am now using pimsleur language cd.'s/mp3.'s and i am on lesson eight.

I live on the east coast of the united states of America, North Carolina. We get tourists from all over the world, so naturally I now work with a lout of native Spanish speakers (who became my friends) from multiple countries like Mexico, Argentina, Honduras, and Peru. I'm hoping that working with them will help me to learn español.

I enjoy biking, swimming, fishing, and I am trying to learn how to surf.
As a kid I used to ride a dirt bike. Now I am trying to save up enough money to buy a street legal motorcycle.

I welcome all help, or advise, or website recommendations, from anyone who offers it about learning Spanish, or what method I should try.

Thank you all
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