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Question Grammar and vocabulary for "top dog" / "alpha dog"

First post here, howdy everybody!

I'm just after some help. Only starting to learn a bit of the language myself, and I'm unironically signing up to a bunch of new websites, which require I enter a username.

Here, I've gone and used my classic online name, TheTopMostDog, but I'm keen for a new name on sites where I'll be interacting in Spanish. I'd like to keep the meaning as close as possible, but I mostly want to retain the canine reference, as that's where the nickname came from, originally.

Having no real idea about the expansive Spanish vocabulary, and basically zero knowledge about correct grammar, I thought I'd come and get some help with this one, as it's probably going to stick for a while (I've been using my current username for 15 years).

I've dug up some words like these, below, but I have no idea how to fit any of them together as a title or nickname, and I'm especially having trouble with the "top most" part of my username. I don't want to add redundant words which translate poorly, but I'm also after more than just "top dog".

- mandamás
- alfa lobo
- macho alfa
- más allá del
- superior (sumo?)

el perro más allá sumo/alfa
mandamás sumo perro

What other words are there? What am I missing? How badly am I butchering everything?

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