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Originally Posted by laepelba View Post
Working on negating a declarative sentence...

I understand (I think) "nunca" and "jamás". Are they strictly interchangeable? Or are there certain times when one is used and not the other?

I don't necessarily understand when "tampoco" is used, nor do I understand the syntax of the sentences that have "tampoco". I think that it has the same sense as the English "somthing/somebody doesn't ______ either". Right? Will you please give me a few examples (with translations)?

Also, I don't really understand "ni". Is it like "did not even"? Will you also give me some example sentences (again with translations)?

I never will use the drugs.
Nunca usare las drogas.
You either use the drugs.
Tu tampoco uses las drogas.
I'll never use the drugs.
Jamaz usare las drogas.

I hope that those examples can be helpful for you.
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