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Originally Posted by AngelicaDeAlquezar View Post
Nunca manejes cansado. (Wise advice) / Jamás manejes cansado. (More like an order.)
Never drive if you're tired.

Would this be more exact? "Never drive tired" (kind of like "never drive drunk").

No me gustan los mariscos, pero tampoco la carne.
I don't like sea-food, but neither do I like meat.

Ni te imaginas lo bien que nos fue.
You can't even imagine how well we did.
Thanks!! Very helpful..... I believe that I need to come back to this and try to write some examples of my own ... I understand what you wrote with the "tampoco" and the "ni", but am not sure I would be able to put together any original sentence of my own. When I have some time, I'll try it........

Another question regarding word order when using nunca/jamás. I wrote some sentences in a workbook, and the answer key had the words in a different order. Is my order okay, or does it have to be the way the answer key has it?

My sentence: Los periodistas no redactan nunca optimistas. (My thinking was that they "never print", with "never" modifying the action?)
Answer key: Los periodistas no redactan optimistas nunca.

My sentence: Los marineros no tienen nunca miedo al mar. (Again, my thinking that "never" modifies "have"?)
Answer key: Los marineros no tienen miedo al mar nunca.
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