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Hi, CrOtALiTo...
I am not quite getting what you mean... You don't agree Holland was more defensive, and less attacking?

They were defensive, i.e., they did some good and dangerous counter attacks, but that's about it...

Switzerland won against Spain in the first game because a smart strategy, becoming a total turtle, and then exploding in few counter-attacks... In one of them they were lucky enough to score. It is obvious that the other teams against Spain took a defensive stand, and that is one of the reasons Spain goals were so limited...

Argentina was doing well as long as they were attacking and their (weak) defense was not exposed... The moment they played against Germany, that weak defense was exposed, and against a good defense, like Germany had, the excellent strikers Argentina had (Messi, Higuaín...) couldn't do much about it...

Spain has a good defense, and maybe the best guys as middlefielders, ie., Xavi. Yet, if they are trying to open the defense of the opponent, you can catch Puyol, (he is now 32, I believe) off guard (I believe it happened a couple of times) and Casillas had to be the heroe, saving the day. If Casillas had allowed one or two of these clear possibilities of goal for Holland, the score could have been 1 or 2 zero to Holland. Yet, Casillas is one of the best, if not the best of goalkeepers in this planet, and that showed clearly on that game... which otherwise was technically dominated by Spain.

I could say that on the defeat against Switzerland, Spain dominated as well, but in soccer it is not only a matter of "dominating", you have to be effective too... like Villa was along the whole tournament. Torres ("el Niño") was criticized for his lack of scoring ability, yet Villa was happy to have him on the other side... and while he did not score a single goal, was a very important element in the Spanish overall tournament. Sure, Pedro was also excellent against Germany (although he missed a very obvious opportunity to pass the ball to Torres and score an easy 2-0) but overall he was just great... And of course Iniesta was the man of the final... in the same way Puyol was the man for the semifinal... At any rate, I believe Holland did a very good World Cup, and played very well all along... but I was disappointed at the way they played in the final...
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