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Okay, then... let's see now what happens next year in the Spanish "La Liga" (last year was a fierce contest until the end between Barša and Real Madrid... with Barša winning...) (By the way, 7 of the guys playing with the Spanish National Selection were from Barša...) (Barša = F˙tbol Club Barcelona)
And we will see in 2012 what happens in the Eurocup... The average age of the Spanish team is 26, so even if it goes to 28 in two years and/or 30 for the next World Cup in Brazil... they have 'congealed' or 'solidified' if you wish, such an excellent team work and coordination, that again, I'd think they are going to be difficult to beat... Of course, many things can happen in 2 and 4 years... but my think is that they will consolidate the good form... (I hope so!)
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