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Originally Posted by BobRitter View Post
Mi coche está aparcado en la esquina. (Según dice a

Mi coche está aparcado a la vuelta de la esquina. (Traductores de máquinas)

Mi coche está aparcado alrededor de la esquina. (Literales pero creo que equivocado)
First off, two of the words used are mostly isolated to Spain.
Instead of coche, use carro. (In Argentina, use auto.)
Instead of aparcado, use estacionado.

You can use 'en la esquina' or 'por la esquina'. The first places your car on, at, or near the corner, while the latter could indicate 'just beyond the corner.'

You can use 'a la vuelta de la esquina' or 'alrededor de la esquina.' Either phrase places your car beyond or past the corner. Another is 'tras la esquina.'
If the person you're talking to is driving their own vehicle, you could say 'doblando la esquina.'

That's how I've compartmentalized these phrases in my mind. Perhaps a native speaker would like to chime in.

There are most likely other ways to say 'around the corner.'
'Al lado de la esquina' comes to mind.
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