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Si clauses, subjunctive mood or otherwise

Hi there, I'm trying to get my head around si clauses and which tenses/moods etc go with what.

Could I please trouble someone to check my sentences for me:

(PS is it ok to post more than one sentence in a post or better to just do one at a time? - please feel free to let me know)

If all bullies could be DNA-tested at birth we would save a lot of money.

Si todos los matones pudieran ser analizados por ADN al nacer ahorraríamos mucho dinero.

I will help you if you tell him to leave me alone.

Te ayudaré si tú le dices que me lo deje en paz. (total guess)

If his mother finds out about this she will make trouble.

hmmm I'm not sure of the best translation for making trouble either

Si su madre se entera de esto le causará problemas.
Si su madre se entera de esto ocasionará problemas.
Si su madre se entera de esto hará problemas.

But he is worse off if his grandfather finds out.

Pero su situación será peor si su abuela se entera.

Can you ask Maria if she's ready to go to the party?

Le puedes preguntar a Paula si está lista (ella) para ir a la fiesta?

I wanted to jog, but every time I looked outside it was raining.

Quería trotar pero cada vez que miraba afuera estaba lloviendo.
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