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Originally Posted by AngelicaDeAlquezar View Post
Nice story, Empanada!!

Corrections and comments above.

°Muchas gracias por tu ayuda y las correciones Angelica!

I will make a mental note to use only 'a' with ir, and 'para' with irse when appropriate. Very helpful!

I think I understand your reservations about 'pero sin embargo' - we have many of these 'double' uses (i.e. words with similar meanings, placed alongside which always feels a bit redundant to me). Would it be better if I placed ' Aunque' at the beginning of the sentence to avoid this, or could I just leave it out entirely?

Yes I have made some silly gender mistakes sorry I know it's 'el coche' and 'la calle' but I did not have enough time yesterday to review it properly (I wrote it the day before). I usually do check in the dictionary when in doubt about the gender. Thanx for your advice!
You' re right it is better to look it up when in doubt - and although I do try to follow the rules about agreement/ congruence between nouns and adjectives, I do still make mistakes in this because we don' t do this in my native language, similar to English. I hope in time it will become more automatic.

I'm not quite sure what you meant with the 'para que fuera' versus 'para ser' sorry. I remember one correction about 'para que ' + subjuntivo which I tried to apply here. I am not sure I read or remember the other one, sorry there is a lot of information on this forum.

I'll use el/la/los/les + capital letter abbreviation for titles from now on

°Muchas gracias!
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