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Oh, I have too much experience trying to port over English expressions into foreign languages to know that it's a losing proposition, David. But every once in a while, sh*t sticks to the wall. I was actually curious what the natives would say about it. If I'd really been that concerned with being correct, I would have thrown it in a search engine and seen if I got any results, which is a method I'm finding indispensable since I'm sitting in a hotel room all week waiting for my rent to expire and my bus to take me back to SLC and you guys are all at work so you can't help me al tiro and I'm making French flashcards anyway--in the first person so I don't take nine hours to compose a butchered sentence as evinced by your little avión thread--and I can't find a French forum approaching this quality, so blah! But actually, thank you. I trust your opinion on that one. I think I'll drink my foe-ty. <---El desfile de idiotas en mi cerebro. <--- Too cool for the parade.

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