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Originally Posted by laepelba View Post
I have issues with the use of the word "compound" ONLY with the tenses that use "haber + participio".
Just having a look at a few Google hits for "compound verbs Spanish" tells me that this expression is used exclusively for "haber + participio". That seems to me to be the definition of compound (although I find it arbitrary and annoying). My grammar book defines "more than one word to express a verb form" as periphrastic, so that compound verbs are a subset of periphrastic ones. Periphrastic ones include

Estar + gerund
Llear + gerund
Tener + past participle

and presumably also things like the passive voice with estar.

So I think that when you think compound you should be thinking periphrastic for those forms which trouble you. It is just a matter of definition.
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