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Good job!
Here are some corrections and suggestions to improve your message. If you need clarification or more help, ask all the questions you need.

Originally Posted by Avishkar14 View Post
¡Hola amigos! (Don't forget opening question and exclamation marks. Good writing is necessary so people understand easily what you're trying to communicate.)

Estudio español 4-5 días a la semana. Tengo conocimientos intermedios de español y estoy tratando mejorar mi español con tweets en este idioma. A veces yo tweet (The newly coined verb in Spanish is "tuitear" and it's conjugated like a regular verb. Try it.) en español y necesito ayuda por (You need a longer construction here. The fact that you need help, implies that you introduce a purpose, so I suggest you say "necesito ayuda para corregir errores") errores gramaticales y construcción de oraciones. Por favor me ayuda (You need the imperative form here, for "ustedes"/"vosotros", not "tú", because you're addressing a group of people. I think in intermediate level you already know how to do that, but if you need more help, let me know).

Mi tweet este tiempo (Be careful with the first translation you find in the dictionary. Check with the Spanish-Spanish dictionary that the word you find has the right meaning. You need another translation for "this time"):

La propuesta de * (Adding to the articles Poli already suggested, this one is also necessary. A group of countries is not the same as the proper name of a person.) UE de un ingreso mínimo común es muy complicado. * (I agree with Poli's suggestion here) Determinación de (Also an article is needed here, because your reader already knows what income you're talking about) ingreso mínimo entre * (Same as previous note on the "UE") UE y los países * (Try a punctuation mark here so your reader knows that this is not a wrong use of "y") y * (I agree with Poli's suggestion here) distribución de fondos a * (I agree with Poli's suggestion here) países respectivos es tanto (And I'll disagree with Poli here. When you are using "so" as an intensifier, in Spanish we'd rather say "muy". "Tan" in this kind of sentence, is rather a comparative, so you would need to add what you are comparing with, or that there was an implicit comparison.) difícil.

Stay safe, Poli!
Ain't it wonderful to be alive when the Rock'n'Roll plays...

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