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Originally Posted by Alfonso View Post
It will take a little, Jane. I think it's better for you to pratice practice the rules you already got(have sounds better here). Let's see this examples,(Have a look at these) examples without the tilde (acento ortográfico). Will you be able to write the necessary tildes?:
  • Así.
  • Cámara.
  • Córdoba.
  • Vázquez.
  • Carcamal.
  • Caballo.
  • Lámpara.
  • Perdón.
  • Pálido.
  • Cantaba.
  • Desayuno.
  • Investigué.
  • Investigo.
If you don't know how to pronounce any of them, please tell me and I will tell you which syllable the acento fónico is over.
Me avisa si cometí algunos errores. Gracias
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