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The grammar doesn't change very much. You'll find that leismo is accepted in most countries, but if you know how to use grammar correctly, you will be able to make the adjustments needed to fit in. Sounding like the native speakers in the area is what you should strive for.

The vocabulary is the thing that changes most from country to country. Mexico and Spain have the most diverse vocabulary, I believe.

Pronunciation differs within each country, let alone from country to country. The less educated someone is usually dictates pronunciation and usage.

I've found it best to learn the Spanish you're hearing. When what you hear is different than what you've already learned, learn to use it unless you're only there for a short time. There are differences everywhere and native speakers don't worry about how they sound in a place where their particular usage differs from the norm. Think in terms of the different pronunciations of the English language. We find the different dialects interesting and usually don't care if our pronunciation and vocabulary differ. If we choose to live elsewhere where the English is quite different, we would adjust our style in order to fit in better. When they want to, there are people from the UK who can sound like they're from the US, and vice-versa. I suppose the same can happen between Mexicans and Spaniards, when they so choose.
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