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Originally Posted by satchrocks View Post
I've often wondered how "Spain" Spanish (as I like to call it) is perceived by Latin Americans. It seems that, similar to "English" English and "American" English, a different accent has developed in addition to different phrases (the oft-cited dropping of "vosotros" being the a noticable difference between the European and Latin American languages, although there are definitely other things that are probably more noticable).

Since these languages have developed allopatrically (in separate geographic areas), what is the Latin American perception of European Spanish?

Por ejemplo:
In the United States, an "English" accent is oftentimes associated with being proper (or, in some cases, even intelligent).
Unless it's a low class British accent. Cockney for example--that's not
quite proper.
I think your question is a good one. I am not Latino but I know
quite of few Latinos many of whom are baffled by Spanish for Spain. I traveled to Spain. In a restaurant I had gone to, two Latinas were having lunch speaking Englsih mixed with Spanish. They addressed
the non-English speaking waiter in English. The grandfatherly waiter knew them, and didn't seem to mind. Apparently they frequented the place more than once. It was a struggle, but there was something sweet about it--nevertheless I hope this type of thing doesn't happen often. I think they were afraid to use what they knew for fear that they wouldn't understand the repsonse. Personally, I had no problem communcating with the waiter.
I have been told that some movies from Spain are dubbed for the Latin Amerincan audience although I have never seen this personally. I have seen a documentary filmed in Cuba for the Spanish audience that had subtitiles, and to top it off the Spanish spoke was simple and clear.

Despite all this, I think there is a perception among Latin American that Spanish from Spain sounds high-tone much the way we perceive British English.
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